Glucosamine For Cats and Dogs Apr 08, 2019

Glucosamine for Pets: Why It's Important

If you have noticed your furry friend is having trouble moving, is lacking energy and seems sore, you may have already considered giving him Glucosamine. Before you do, it is important that you know what Glucosamine is and what the benefits are. Let’s discuss Glucosamine HCL: one of the most beneficial joint supplements and how it works.

What is Glucosamine?

It is an amino sugar compound naturally produced by the body and found in the cartilage of humans and animals. It is not only pivotal for maintaining flexibility & joint function but is also key in the formation of bones & connective tissue and also stimulates cartilage production. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot produce enough glucosamine to support all of these benefits when an injury occurs to the joints. Factors like age or disease such as hip dysplasia or arthritis also need a supplemental addition of Glucosamine HCL to help in relieving the pain and inflammation in joints

Why Glucosamine HCL?

Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL), is one of the most common and beneficial joint supplements since it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It enhances the body’s ability to replenish glucosamine, produce collagen and synovial fluid which all lubricate the joints. Glucosamine HCL is most often made from extracting the amino sugars from crustacean exoskeletons shells of shrimp, lobster and crabs. It can also be made from shark cartilage or fermented corn. Glucosamine must be bound to a stabilizing agent such as hydrochloride in order for it not to break down too rapidly when exposed to air or moisture.

Dosage Requirements?

Typically the dosage is 500mg for every 11.33 kg or 25Lbs. of your pet’s body weight. A common mistake by pet owners is not providing the correct dosage requirements to see results from administering a joint supplement such as Glucosamine HCL. Dosage requirements vary by weight and most veterinarians recommend doubling the dosage for the first couple of weeks. Glucosamine HCL in liquid form is one of the easiest forms to give your pets as it can be given orally or poured over food. Liquid is absorbed and utilized in the system faster than tablet form. Unfortunately, most pet food formulas or treats do not provide enough glucosamine HCL to benefit your pets. If your pet has been diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease, your pet will need to be supplemented daily for the remainder of your pet’s life. If your pet requires Glucosamine HCL due to an injury, this should be given for a full three months after the injury. You shouldn’t hesitate to use it daily as a preventative measure in younger pets.

Once your pet has been diagnosed with a condition by your veterinarian, natural and holistic remedies can be beneficial to your pet’s health. Glucosamine HCL is a safe, gentle alternative for pets of all ages.

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