Curious Dog Jan 21, 2019

Want To Have Your Best Year Ever? Be More Like Your Dog

Every year thousands of people start off the New Year with a list of resolutions, each as individual as the person. Some resolutions are focused on health (ever notice how busy the gym is in January?), others on finances, or even spending more time with family and friends. 

But what if, for just a moment, we changed our way of thinking and instead of making resolutions that may or may not be broken, we simply had one resolve. 

To be more like our dogs. 

Still not convinced? Here are ways that being more like a dog can enhance your life. 

Be In The Moment

How many times when you’re out on a walk with your furry best friend are you texting, or talking on the phone, or thinking of the next errand you have to run or what to make for dinner. In the meantime, our dogs are taking in everything, relishing each moment. 

There is no rush. Dogs see walks as something to be enjoyed, not something that needs to be done. 

Whether it’s the feeling of the warm sun on your face, or noticing the colour of the sky, when you can, put away any distractions and simply enjoy the moment. You won’t be disappointed.  

Run and Play

When’s the last time you ran just for fun? Not because you were at the gym and it was part of your workout, or you’re training for a 5k race, or because you’re late and are going to miss your bus. Just running, for the pure joy of it. 

Dogs will race through a pile of leaves. Bark at birds. Jump over puddles. Chase squirrels. They run because it feels good. 

Do it! Run. Give it your all. You’re free. There’s nothing holding you back. 

And when you get home, rest. 

Because there will be more squirrels tomorrow.  

Be Kind

Dogs come into this world with no biases. They are curious and full of love, wanting to learn and play, grow and thrive. They welcome everyone into their lives, trusting they are good. When people approach a dog, he assumes that person will be kind.   

Imagine if we did the same. 

Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever felt that niggling feeling in your stomach when you first meet a person or a situation makes you uncomfortable? Did you go with your gut or did you push it aside and ignore it (I’ve been known to do the latter myself). 

But dogs don’t. If a dog instinctually doesn’t like someone, he’ll let you know right away. 

And chances are he’s not wrong. I don’t know when we started pushing aside our gut feelings but maybe it’s time to let them back in a little. 

Enjoy The Little Things 

Your dog doesn’t need to go on a fancy vacation or live in the biggest house. She gets joy from the little things that occur on a daily basis. 

The rain. A walk. Chasing a ball. A bowl of food. Being petted. Smells in the air. You. 

If you act more like your dog and take pleasure in the little things then 2019 is bound to be a wonderful year.


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