For many families, back-to-school means back to routine. It’s a time when we say goodbye to the chaos of summer and hello to cooler, shorter days ahead. Whether you embrace getting back into a routine, or wish you were still in vacation mode, your dog may be a little confused as to what’s happening.

Your pup went from a home filled with people to a (possibly) empty house. As I write this my own three-year-old golden lab is on the floor beside me catching up on sleep, the sleep that was impossible to get when friends and family were coming and going and she didn’t want to miss out on a single moment.

Now is the perfect time to get your dog back into a routine and prepare for a safe and happy fall.

Make Your Goodbyes Quick
This one is hard, I know. But your dog may pick up on you feeling sad or guilty for leaving her home all day, which can make her anxious in return, so try to make the goodbyes quick and matter-of-fact.

Plan on Longer Walks in the Morning and Night
During the summer was there always someone around to walk your dog whenever he needed? Now that the kids are back in school plan out longer walks first thing in the a.m. and in the evening so he’s getting the exercise and interaction he needs and craves.

Reflective Gear
With the days getting shorter, stay safe by investing in reflective gear for both yourself and your dog to keep you visible when the evenings become dark.

Watch Out For Piles Leaves
Who can resist jumping into a pile of leaves? While it’s tempting for your pooch, try to keep a close eye on him because the leaves could be hiding rocks, burs, or hidden hazards you don’t want her getting into.

Get Grooming
‘Tis the season! Depending on the type of dog you have, you’ll want to stay on top of brushing and grooming as she loses her summer coat to make room for heavy protective winter fur.

Watch Out For those School Projects
Glue, markers, tape, scissors… when your kids work on school projects at home, it all comes out and is sometimes forgotten to be put away. Create a safe area (a drawer or closed lid box) where you can keep all the supplies so your pup doesn’t get into it.

Last but not least, take lots of pictures and show them to us on our Facebook page! Nothing makes us happier than seeing your pets.

Wishing you a safe and happy autumn!

September already?

At risk of sounding too cliche I will still say WOW, this year has sure gone by fast! I am sure everyone is like me and looking at their calendar wondering what happened to the summer season of fun, relaxation, picnics, camping, swimming, and hiking? And now September 6th and 7th marks that it is time to go back to school.

Parents you may take a moment to pause for quiet celebration. You deserve it!

In the last minute mad dash to get all the school supplies, new clothes, registration and all that hubbub it can become very easy to get sidetracked on other important members of your family. No, I don’t mean your spouse or even your Aunt Gertrude living in your spare room for an indeterminate amount of time. (We will talk about that next time) I am talking about your other baby -  your fur baby.

During the summer most likely the amount of excitement brewing in the home is at an all time high. More people are home and bustling about - and in most cases there is always someone there to entertain our four legged friends. Taking them on adventures, plenty of tummy rubs and special cuddle times is what your pet has known over this time and now all that changes.  Yes, fall schedules are starting up and this means a big change for your pet at home. To get a better understanding of what it was like in other homes, I reached out to a few friends and asked them what it would some of these changes would mean in their household?

Where there any suggestions that I could share with you?



What did summer look like for you and your pet?

Summer for Sammy and I is all about trips to the cottage. Sammy loves to go on car rides and we especially love spending time in the outdoors. Sammy loves to swim and go for hikes -  but his favourite thing to do is climbing the mountain trails behind the cottage. We have so much outdoor fun.

How does this change when fall comes?

Unfortunately, we close the cottage early fall and prepare for the Canadian winter. This means less time spent outdoors and more time spent inside our apartment.

What can/do you do to make sure that your pet adjusts to their new schedule?

I know that the main thing missing from Sammy’s fall schedule is outdoor activity. I can tell he misses running around outside and can seem anxious after too many hours being stuck inside. This is why as soon as thing slow down I take Sammy to my local dog parks and agility classes multiple times a week. This gives him something to look forward to during the week and helps him stay active while easing some of his anxiety. Just book some extra play time is my suggestion for people in my situation.



What did summer look like for you and your pet?

This summer was so eventful! I adopted Rosco in July - Rosco is 2 years old and was a rescue from my local shelter. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing life is with Rosco. Our summer has been spent connecting with each other and getting him comfortable with his new family. To say that we are connected at the hip is no exaggeration.

How does this change when it comes to fall?

Even more than ever this fall is a huge change for Rosco and I. This will be our first time apart from each  other for more than an hour at a time. I am a teacher and I have the summers off but as soon as September starts it is work work work. This means 8 hours away from him!

Have you noticed your pet’s behavior has seemed impacted due to the change?

Over the last few days I have noticed some things when I get home. First thing was a few ‘Accidents” in the house, then I noticed the blinds on the windows looked like he tried to shred them, along with some very noticeable scratches on the door. I know that he is feeling anxious and this is his way of telling me that he is unhappy with the sudden change. I have hired a trainer to help me with this transition.

What can/do you do to make sure that your pet adjusts to their new schedule?

The first thing I have done through the transition is to slowly taken a few hours at a time away from Rosco to get him accustomed to me being gone for periods of time. I started at 1 hour and have made it all the way to 4! When it comes to my new best friend there is nothing that I won’t try to make sure he is adjusting well. My trainer suggested that I take Rosco for a morning walk and evening walk after dinner but in addition to that,  I have decided to hire a dog walker to come take Rosco for an hour long adventure at lunch time. This makes me feel so much better.

I am hoping that he will enjoy getting out of the house and getting some fresh air until I get home. Try it.



What did summer look like for you and your pet?

We have a perfect routine going for Timbit and I. When I return from work promptly at 5:30 we always go straight to the park and play, followed by a doggie date and finally finished with a treat from Starbucks. This is our daily routine and during the week we never break it - Timbit is 8 years old and she loves looking forward to our daily adventure.

How does this change when it comes to fall?

Normally fall wouldn't bring any change to our routine but this fall I am starting a new job. For this job my schedule will be all over the place in the beginning. Sometimes I will be working nights and sometime I will be starting early. This means that our perfected routine will go up in flames.

What are you most worried about ?

Timbit of course! I am so worried that she won't understand what is happening. In her eyes she may still expect me to be home at 5:30 and whn I don’t show up she will be devastated. I want to make this transition as smooth as possible without disturbing my princess Timbit.

What can/do you do to make sure that your pet adjusts to their new schedule?

To make sure that Timbit adjusts to our new timeline I have found a local doggie daycares in my area to take Timbit to when I am working late. Believe it or not there are amazing people out there who can help you. This will allow her to play with other dogs and spend the time outside that she loves. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box.


Here is my top 5 ways to help your pet adjust to Fall

  • Make sure to keep your pet’s exercise regular. If you are walking your child to the bus stop make sure you bring fido, and don't forget about those evening walks when you get home.
  • Keep alert for signs of stress and anxiety. These signs may be giant or barely noticeable but it is very important to detect any signs early in order to keep your pet happy and healthy.
  • Have a special toy that is only introduced when you leave for the day. This will give your pet something to look forward to when you are gone.
  • Make sure to tend to your pet’s needs as soon as you get home. Before you start prepping dinner or doing homework with the kids.
  • Give them some extra love when you get home. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


When in doubt - some extra Pumpkin Spice Hearts from Holistic Blend can make any situation better!

Everyone knows fall = pumpkin spice.

Dog Theft: Preventing Injury, Loss & Death From Wildlife

Animal theft, especially when it comes to dogs and cats, are on the rise all around the world. Headlines are reporting the increase in dog nappings in Canada over the past few years is premeditated and not due to money itself, but something more. This is causing concern with pet owners.

But what about critters encountering wild animals, should we be worried over these types of abductions and possible injuries? Let’s take a look at some simple precautions and defensive measures we can take to keep our beloved pets safer when it comes to other animals that could cause them distress, injury or even death.


Dangers and Disappearances From Above

We may imagine a small dog or cat being carried off by a bird of prey, and depending upon your location and circumstances, this could be a real possibility for the disappearance of a beloved pet. The obvious solution is to keep your animals inside during the day, but they still need to be outside at times so they can remain healthy and active.

Some preventative measures to help to ensure their safety is to plant some decoys to protect them. Believe it or not, similar to a scarecrow, putting out plastic owls will deter other, larger birds from interfering with their hunting grounds. Not only is this an attractive addition to your garden or yard, it can help to stop some flying menaces from looking at your property as possible hunting area for your pets.


Gardens and Grounds

Speaking of gardens and yards, there are other ways of making these spaces safer for pets besides adding some outdoor decor or hiring a professional to get rid of pests:

●     Shrubs, brush, thick bushes, compost and wood piles make excellent places for predators, rodents and other pests to nest and hide. Keep them well-trimmed and inspect them regularly for signs of wildlife.

●     Also regularly inspect the confines of your outdoor spaces for possible places where critters can invade this space, loose boards, faulty hinges, holes or tunnels.

●     Don’t feed or keep pet food outdoors and be sure that rubbish containers are either tightly closed or in another area that’s not outdoors, like a garage or shed.

●     If you have fruit trees or other food-bearing foliage in your garden, keep the ripened and fallen items picked up and the areas around them clean.


Keep Them Leashed  and Don’t Release

Even the most well-behaved dog (or even a cat for that matter) is not completely safe outdoors when they’re not on a leash. Especially at places like dog parks, or even taking your animal out for an evening stroll, the safest place for them is at the end of a leash.

If you do happen to encounter an animal that could be a danger to you and/or your pet, pick up your companion if possible and try to make yourself seem as large and threatening as possible. Extend your arm(s), scream and shout, throw things at them and most importantly, don’t be afraid to fight back. Don’t turn your back on a possible predator, instead look them in the eyes and stare them down.

Some of these tips and tricks will also help to keep animals thieves at bay and ensure your precious pet is safe from being abducted by humans as well as encounters with wildlife. With a little bit of planning, maintenance and forethought, your animals will be much safer from disappearing, becoming the victim of an abduction without your knowledge if you’re better prepared for this possibility no matter how remote.





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Grain Free - All Life Stages Dog Food

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  • Nourishes the digestive tract
  • Supports healthy skin & coat
  • Slow cooked at low temperature


Turkey meal, turkey meat, potato, pea, salmon meal, sunflower oil, yeast culture, sweet potato, salmon oil, dried kelp, chicory root extract (FOS), lecithin, yucca schidigera extract, pumpkin, cranberries, spinach, broccoli, green apple, blueberries, pears, bananas, rosemary extract, cinnamon, turmeric, capsicum, chamomile, dandelion, paprika. Vitamins: choline chloride, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, niacin, L-ascorbyl (source of vitamin C), inositol, D-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, beta-carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement. Minerals: calcium carbonate, zinc proteinate, ferrous sulfate, iron proteinate, zinc oxide, niacin, copper proteinate, copper sulfate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite.


I recently received this fantastic product review from Tom in Yorkville, Toronto

“When it comes to my dog – nothing but the best will do. I have a beautiful Chow Chow named Princess. I know it may sound over the top but Princess is everything to me and when it came down to selecting a food for her I was very specific in what I wanted.

The food that I give her has to have meat and more meat as its first ingredient. Secondly, the food needs to have whole vegetables and whole fruits. It also cannot contain soy, corn, by products of any kind and definitely no artificial flavours or colours.

As you can imagine finding a food that has all of these qualifications can be very difficult and it took a long time to find the perfect food for her. But! Finally I found it – your Grain Free – All Life Stages Dog Food. My Princess loves the food and everything from her coat to her teeth are sparkling. I could not be happier.

Thank you for providing quality food.”

Thank you Tom – Princess is so lucky to have such a caring and considerate owner!

Why Choose My Healthy Pet

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My Healthy Pet's commitment to uncompromising quality means you can count on serving your pet the most healthy, nutritious foods available. We use only top-quality, natural ingredients - absolutely no chemicals, animal by-products, added salt, added sugar, artificial colourings or flavours, fillers or binders. Check out the nutritional values and ingredient lists on our website and we're confident you'll decide your pet deserves the quality and goodness of My Healthy Pet.

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Quality Control

Quality Control, assurances for your family

Quality control has many levels, from sourcing the best ingredients to independent testing.
These controls are put into place to ensure our products live up to our promise of compromised commitment to provide the best for your pets.
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